Ignoring the vast amount of technological advancements made within the modern film industry, Leslie Supnet’s work prefers to glimpse into the personal as well as the roots of moving image history. She creates handmade films, which oftentimes show off reflective, tragic or relatable narratives. One big influence to work? Movement and location. It’s said her artistic flair and work reflects a map of her own movements across Canada - from her hometown of Winnipeg to Toronto to Montreal. The changes of scenery transform her work little by little. She states in an interview with CBC Arts, ”When I moved on to Toronto I just couldn't make that work anymore, I couldn't make that character-based stuff any more….Now that I'm no longer dealing with that sense of isolation I felt in Winnipeg, I just kind of imagine something other than the metropolis." Get a more in-depth look at her work and inspirations here and be sure to check out some more of her transformative work via her Vimeo.