As we all know, the whole world is good and well into watching and enjoying the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Gold medals, broken legs, doping scandals and all, these Games are shaping up to be rather memorable! However, it can be a bit overwhelming watching all of the soul-crushing, dream-ending losses and a bit tiring feeling so inadequate by watching all of the world record breaking performances. Why not escape from reality and back into the film world? Bustle has a great list of 17 sports-related films to either help you get into the Olympic watching mood or give you a break from the around the clock coverage of real life, jaw-dropping athletic prowess. Check out the full list here!

From a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, Laila Ajjawi is making street art that questions women's role in Middle Eastern society. Though her themes vary from horses to the plight of Palestinian refugees, a common theme throughout many of her pieces is women's empowerment.In a recent profile on Cosmopolitan(which is an excellent read, by the way, so do take a look), Ajjaqi said that she has been painting and drawing since age five; however, she created her first piece of street art just one year ago through Women on Walls, a group of artists who use graffiti to advocate for women's rights, painting together to stay safe. The mural, "Look at my Mind," depicts a variety of colors, objects, and designs emerging from the top of a woman's head. She told Yahoo Travel that she hopes the image reminds men to view women as more than objects and reminds women to focus on developing their inner beauty. Read more