Hungry for a little snack? Well then, if you're France, you should probably look elsewhere. However, are you hungry for a little story? Then you're in luck! Apparently, vending machines offering short stories instead of sugary snacks and drinks have been popping up around France. Imagined by Short Edition, an innovative publishing company, the machines offer 1, 3, or 5-minute reads which are randomly selected from their catalogue. Nothing like a delicious snack size helping of literature! To learn more about the Short Story Dispenser project, click here!

Happy Sunday! As you’re enjoying the last bits of your weekend, why not make some time to enjoy some innovative, beautiful artwork as well!! São Paulo-based artist Janaina Mello Landini makes intricate pieces from the threads of unravelled and frayed ropes. The series, titled “Ciclotrama”, turns simple rope into unbelievable structures that resemble both tree branches and veins. Jaw-dropping artwork you gotta see to believe! Head over to Booooooom to check out a few samples from the series and then head to Mello Landini’s site to see more of his truly impressive work. Indie Street approved!

Some might say all art is a form of portraying memories and emotions. We write from what we see, think, feel and know. We paint from what we see, think, feel and know. We make films inspired by our own pasts or that of others. But what would you say if I told you that a London-based tech studio has developed an actual algorithm for turning a person’s memories into real digital paintings. Literally. This is what Random Quark has done! Scanning a person’s brain while recalling a specific emotional moment, they can identify the type of emotion a person is experiencing. By using the Geneva Emotional wheel, they can categorize those emotions into even more specific types (i.e.: what KIND of SAD are you feeling?) and turn that into data. The results are never the same so each pattern and painting is born unique to that memory. To learn more, check out Random Quark’s website or head to Booooooom to see more examples! Time to take those crazy memories and turn them into real art!

Photographer Michael Farrell and Cliff Haynes have developed quite the unique way of capturing still images using a household object you probably wouldn’t expect. Hint: thirsty? Well, Farrell and Haynes’ camera utilizes about 32,000 drinking straws inside of a wooden box to take photos! The “Straw Camera”, as it has been dubbed, works by processing light collected through each straw, and due to the different perspectives of the straws, the resulting photos look like a pointillist painting composed of thousands of tiny dots! The texture on the final images is unlike anything you’ve seen before. #more-96075" target="_blank">Check out Booooooom’s gallery of Straw Camera images now!

Canadian artist Ed Spence doesn’t want the world to see his photographs. At least, as they are meant to be seen. The artist cuts up photos taken on his smartphone and then meticulously reassembles them so they resemble alternative visions. The results are abstract colorful eye-candy configurations, gradients, and visually hypnotizing mosaic squares of randomness. Check out more images from his latest collection of hand-pixelation, Soft Error, over at Booooooom!

This year for Music in Our Schools Month, Chrome Music Lab sought to make learning not just more accessible to everyone but a lot more fun! Using colorful technology on the web with a freely available Web Audio API, the Music Lab is a collection of experimental ways anyone young or old can learn how music works. The rad technology has extended past the classroom and now anyone can create and manipulate different sounds to their heart’s content. It’s definitely worth playing around with as it's a really cool platform that fuses music, technology, art and enjoyment. With the open source code, you can even build your own and take the experiments further! Hop on over to the Chrome Music Lab and get composing!

Ever feel like your Instagram or iPhone photo galleries are full of random, unexciting things that only you find special? Chances are, that’s probably the case! Well, leave it to some guy on Reddit to come to the rescue and breathe new life into the occasional bland social media photo. For the past couple of years, “Your_Post_As_A_Movie” on Reddit has been turning user’s everyday photos into exciting, silly, and innovative fake movie posters that are sometimes so real looking, you'd think they were working out of Hollywood. From documentaries to action flicks, fake indies to foreign films, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! You can check out a gallery of some of their coolest work here.