Waltham company Atentiv is currently looking at a $4.5 billion market in treatments for ADHD. However, instead of creating yet another pill, Atentiv wants to help control the condition using video games. Executives say their video game is currently undergoing clinical trials, helping to engage children with a computer game that jumpstarts natural brain development necessary for learning. Their performance within the game is captured by a headpiece measuring the brain's electrical signals/EEG signals, with that information then being sent to a clinician as an in-depth analysis of the patient’s attention skills and any improvement they are undergoing through playing the game. It’s about rewiring the brain with learning. And fun! A similar but less formal product they developed, ATENTIVmynd Games, will likely be released this year, with the medical product taking more time to develop. The medical game, Attentive Therapeutics, is an adventure story with 20 to 25 min training sessions at a time. Kids are expected to take between 5 to 8 weeks to complete the game. In clinical trials, children showed a 30 to 50% reduction in the severity of their ADHD. So, video games instead of medication? Seems the benefits of technological advancements are never-ending! Read more here and continue to stay up to date on the company’s developments.