Sometimes finding a way to realistically help abused or neglected children is a challenge. Apart from adoption or donating large amounts of money, what more can we do? Actually, sometimes a little can go a very long way in these situations. Act for Kids is an Australian organisation that is involved in working with groups of kids that require attention and help due to abuse. Christian McKechnie and Ben Lees of Act for Kids have developed 3D printed Monster Crayons that are, well, just that - crayons in the shape of monsters! And they are hoping this product will become a source of income for their charity. With art being a big part of an abused child’s therapy, the crayons are also influential to the children themselves. You can read more about their crowdfunding campaign here and back it on Pozible now. Cute, inspirational, magical, and downright charitable, what more can you ask for in a product?