Beer & Film Pairing No.4: Compass Rose + Little Sister

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means! Food & drinks, family, food & drinks, friends, food & drinks, feeling grateful, food & drinks, Black Friday and oh…did we mention food & drinks? As you juggle stuffing your belly while dealing with family niceties, you might find yourself needing an escape from those awkward gatherings. Why not be prepared this year with a back-up plan? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with another installment of our favorite craft beer and indie film pairings. Fellow beer & film aficionado Jayme, Warehouse Supervisor at Southeastern-based distributor Advintage, has been collaborating with Indie Street for the past few months, introducing us to some of the best in craft beers and VOD films on the market. The theme this month? Coming home, in all of its familiar and awkward splendor!


Film: Zach Clark's Little Sister 

A few months ago we watched and reviewed “Little Sister” while it was still on the festival circuit, eagerly awaiting its release so we could share it with everyone we know. Last month, this indie gem finally hit VOD, its sheer magic still coming as no surprise after a rewatch or two. We can’t recommend this quirky yet down to Earth film enough. A gothic nun tale about returning home, what more could you ask for this Thanksgiving? Colleen, played by an extremely likable Addison Timlin, is a city-based nun about to enter into official sisterhood. An ex-goth and admirer of unusual art forms, she returns to her small, rural hometown in order to reacquaint herself with a family on the brink of a breakdown. A drug dependent mother, failed actor of a father, reckless activist friend and disfigured war vet brother all combine to form a colorful, yet somehow, distinctly real and relatable ensemble. The film touches on both religious and secular undertones, as each character tries to grapple with the concept of normality. And really, what is considered normal these days? 

“Little Sister” has come out at an extremely relevant time as its plot is set smack dab in the middle of the 2008 Presidential Election. Watch this film, compare and contrast with today - it’s truly eye-opening. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, we are sure many will be experiencing some rather awkward family conversations at the dinner table. So, ask yourself, despite everything: What is home? What is family? What is forgiveness? And what is the role of comfort and familiarity? God is understood to have created the world in six days - how many days will it take Colleen and pretty much everyone else to salvage their own worlds? With everything going on recently, we deserve this film...and hey, we deserve the perfect beer to top it all off!


Beer: Service Brewing Co.’s Compass Rose IPA 

What sort of beer pairs well with the complicated feelings of returning home? It’s a tough call but Jayme describes his rather unusual but surprisingly relevant pick below: 

"Compass Rose IPA is one if my favorites as a solid, daily drinking brew. It has a nice, aromatic hop flavor that keeps you coming back. And while this may not seem like the most natural pick for this type of film, I have my reasons: this beer, for some reason, reminds me of the first time I ever had an IPA. It’s forthcoming, unexpected, and altogether different from anything else I have ever had. It made me cringe a little, but I kept coming back and that's why I think this ties well with the movie's theme of an estranged family that you can't avoid forever and that you eventually come to love. Your compass will always point you home. Even better, Service Brewing Co., out of beautiful Savannah, Georgia, is veteran owned and operated, and dedicated to service members everywhere. Taking into account the time period of the film and the situation surrounding Colleen's veteran brother, this beer and film suddenly become a relevant and perfect pairing.”


Sometimes coming back home is hard, but we always have that compass (and beer!) helping us along the way. Ease the awkwardness this year by taking our word for it: this is an indie film and craft beer pairing that will have you hooked. Gobble it up, have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you next month with another beer/film pairing!



Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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