Beer & Film Pairing No.1: Summer Basil + SORRIA

Over here at Indie Street, we are always on the hunt for innovative new films, art, tech and pretty much anyone or anything breaking the mold in unexpected and exciting new ways. However, it gets tough out there on the frontline of self-distribution and sometimes we need to sit back and take a break. The best way to do this? Chilling, having a drink and...staying in discovery mode?! Yes, even in our downtime, we are obsessed with the hunt. And this includes a good…Beer! We continue to look on in awe and amazement at the explosive growth of the craft beer industry. Oftentimes, it’s as innovative and surprisingly unexpected as any film or art form out there. So, naturally, in our downtime, we've decided to start a new collaboration with passionate beer lovers and come up with new film and beer pairings! This month we are teaming up with Jayme G., a Warehouse Supervisor at Advintage, a Southeastern-based Distributor, to come up with our very first pairing. A former film student and current craft beer guru, Jayme G. has both the tastebuds and eyes for a great film and a delicious, refreshing beer. Check out Indie Street’s first collab with Jayme below. The theme? Summer + Surf!



The market may be littered with surf films, but Brazilian film SORRIA does something a little different to set itself apart from the pack. The word “sorria” actually means “smile” in Portuguese. Director Gabriel Novis’ film was his attempt to inspire people, make it known they should always be smiling, and have them go out and enjoy life. As they say, life is too short, don’t take yourself so seriously. The fact that SORRIA is a Brazilian film and we’ve just seen the Rio Summer Games wrap up is another reason we went with this film. Did you know surfing has just been announced as an official Olympic sport for the 2020 Tokyo Games?? And with Mexico, Indonesia, California and Hawaii featured within the film, this is as international as you can get. Another reason to smile! A fun, bizarre little project, at only 42 minutes, this is well worth the watch! SORRIA has even been recently Staff Picked on Vimeo, so it has its fans. You can now rent or buy the film via Vimeo on Demand here or check out the trailer below. Ride the wave, give us a smile, and get ready to wrap up Summer 2016 with a bang! And do it with our featured beer below!


Beer: Fullsteam Summer Basil.

Summertime, hot days and beer go hand in hand. But basil beer?! Don’t let the oddness turn you away. Winner of the Best Beer in the first-ever 2015 Southern Living Food Awards, looks like this North Carolina-based beer is worth the sip. Says Jayme of his choice, “Fullsteam's Summer Basil is about as refreshing as warm-weather beers come. Saisons are great for this season, and the addition of something fresh like basil really gives it some depth that other summer beers lack. The flavor of the beer changes from batch to batch as they get the basil at different points of the season, resulting in the beer always tasting a little different. I guess you could say Summer Basil also “changes with the tides” making this fresh and seasonal beer a perfect pairing for a surf film like SORRIA.” Well, we can’t argue with that logic! Give us a Fullsteam Summer Basil Farmouse Ale (or as they are calling their latest batch, "Southern Basil"), a beach and a front row seat to some surfing…we will be smiling for sure.


Honorable Mention for Design: Coast Brewing's Dead Arm American Pale Ale.

We're throwing an honorable mention out to Dead Arm American Pale Ale by Coast Brewing, simply for the sake of its can design. With a surfer riding a wave that also happens to pretty much morph into the jawline of a watery skull, this pairing seemed unmistakably destined to be. “A hoppy, sessionable ale that goes great with sun, sand and salt!” exclaims Jayme. Right on! From an East Coast brewery with a West Coast vibe, Dead Arm suits the refreshing international energy that Sorria radiates.


So, sit back, cold one in hand, ready to chill, take in some gnarly surfing and SMILE. We got you!


Stay tuned for next month, when we “brew up” another great pairing of film and craft beer for your viewing and drinking pleasure!



Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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