Beer & Film Pairing No. 6: The Alchemist Cookbook + Unobtanium

Red hearts. Pink hearts. Roses. Chocolate. Kisses galore. The symbols and stereotypes of love we’ve come to expect. And what happens when they all culminate into one single day? Valentine’s Day, that’s what. A “holiday” of sorts that seems to always pop up unexpectedly, reminding us of our present lovers OR of our overwhelming solitude. Though the 2017 edition of this annoyingly omnipresent day is fast approaching, we’re up for a little diversion. So calls for another installment of our monthly discovery into the best in VOD and craft beer on the scene. Jayme G., Warehouse Supervisor at Advintage, is bringing us something a little less lovey dovey and a little more, well, psychotic this February. So, make plans to stay in on the 14th. Grab a heart shaped box full of chocolates (all for yourself) and slip into something sexy (or maybe just warm and comfortable), and get ready to get a little crazy!


FILM: The Alchemist Cookbook

"The Alchemist Cookbook" follows the bizarre story of Sean, an outcast that isolates himself - along with his cat - in the middle of nowhere in order to carry out some rather...unusual...experiments. Though seemingly “scientific” in nature, things begin to get far more sinister as Sean's alchemist trials and tribulations veer more towards some type of black voodoo magic than a high school chemistry experiment. Enticed? You should be. "The Alchemist Cookbook" is almost, just almost unlike anything I've ever seen before. A film more fitting to Halloween, we think this VOD indie is actually perfect for all you anti-Valentine’s Day loners. We’ll refrain from telling you too much about the film and tell ya to just check out the trailer below! If it’s your cup of tea (or beer!), well then we’ve brewed up the perfect crazy pairing to go with this one-of-a-kind story!




BEER: Straight To Ale's Unobtanium

Jayme shares with us one of his favorite concoctions, suiting to this satantic, tooth-pulling tale:

“With a heady film like “The Alchemist Cookbook”, my mind immediately jumps to high ABV and barrel-aged beers and Straight To Ale's Unobtanium seems an eerily perfect match - right down to the can design. The 12oz can literally features the devil in a lab coat! Unobtanium, an old "scientific" term for a material that perfectly fits the needs of a project but doesn't actually exist, is surprisingly approachable given its style. I guess you could say the same thing about black magic too, in that the first taste is so welcoming that it's easy to get carried away, and at 11% ABV, getting carried away can get you in trouble fast! Don't let black magic be the unobtanium in your life, try a nice beer instead! With a toffee aroma, a bit of dark fruit and vanilla flavor, a small bite of oak and alcohol, pretty soon you'll realize you have everything you need right there. Shoutout to Wayerbacher Brewing's Insanity, too, another barrel-aged beer, because... well, you get it.”


There you go: the perfect pair for this season of love! Maybe even soul mates! And no Tinder, online dating or matchmaking required! Become a third wheel this Valentine’s Day with beer and VOD lovers that will make all your long term dating, boring friends jealous!

Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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