Beer & Film Pairing No. 3: Sour Pumpkin Ale + Hare Lip!

Happy Halloween! While the ghouls, ghosts and goblins come out to play, we're over here hiding away with good beer and even better films. Wanna escape the horrors and monsters that roam the night and join us? Well, we've got you covered with the third installment of our new craft beer and indie film pairings. Our collaboration with fellow beer/film lover Jayme G., a Warehouse Supervisor at Southeastern-based distributor Advintage, has introduced us to some of the best in craft beers and VOD films out there. Trick or treat, indeed! The theme this month? Halloween, of course. Costumes, pumpkins and all!


Film: Bec de Lièvre (Hare Lip)

As an underrated short film hiding out on VOD, this emotionally quirky story easily became one of the most memorable films I have seen in a rather long time. This film is the perfect example of short form content doing something far more powerful with a particular idea than a feature could. It's (semi) short and (bitter)sweet - the perfect yet unexpected companion when guzzling down at least one treat (AKA beer) this Halloween. The story actually starts on Halloween night when Alice and Philip, members of two different costumed celebrations at two different apartments, meet on the building's shared porch. One is dressed as a hare and the other as a rabbit. Most will think they see where this little film about two hip and "misunderstood" outsiders is going from the get-go. As expected, an immediate love story blossoms between the two oddballs. They don't fit in at their own parties but somehow this porch becomes their own - a world they secretly build and share together. However, the plot you expected quickly proves anything but normal. Secrets are revealed between the two that immediately change the end goal of this film.

Award-winning Canadian director Louis Bélanger has created an emotionally affecting tale with "Hare Lip" - and he ends it with the most appropriate kind of cliff hanger. The twist is so understated, so unexpected and yet so softly and sweetly dealt with, making this an absolute must-see foreign film if you're looking for an international taste of something different this Halloween season. I highly recommend taking 23 minutes of your Halloween to watch this film. The wee rental fee is a small price to pay for getting to experience such a raw, bittersweet portrait of a different kind of love story - giving us a much different POV regarding the horrors of Halloween. Sometimes fear has nothing to do with gore, guts, violence, murder (and clowns, eek). Oftentimes, fear comes in the form of something far more human. So, sit back with this film and make sure to have handful of sugary sweets and a bottle of our featured beer in hand!


Beer: Birds Fly South Sour Pumpkin Ale

Halloween and pumpkins go together like...well, Christmas and Christmas trees...Valentine's Day and hearts...St. Patrick's Day and luck...You get the picture. When the pumpkin beers started hitting the shelves this year, it was a sign that the seasons were changing and Halloween was right around the corner. So, as it's finally Halloween Day, and pumpkin beer season will soon be over, what better type to feature? Birds Fly South Ale Project is a new Greenville-based wild ale craft brewery, employing open fermentation and progressively old school urban farmhouse techniques. Their Sour Pumpkin Ale is a delicious edition to their new and blossoming lineup. Jayme says of his pick, "Lambics are actually one of my favorite types of beers and I think the sour profile of the Sour Pumpkin Ale happens to blend very well with the toasty pumpkin goodness. The spices used are just right, not too overwhelming like some pumpkin beers come and the alcohol content is just right to get you in the mood for All Hallows Eve and beyond!" With the sour edge of the beer and the bittersweet Halloween angle of "Hare Lip", the two make a combination that is totally unexpected yet ripe for a different kind of strange and spooky experience.


Honorable mention: Wayerbacher's Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Yes, as you can tell, we are all about the pumpkins over at Indie Street. We couldn't let Jayme's favorite seasonal beer escape the list. "Imperial pumpkin Ale by Wayerbacher, is rather over the top. High alcohol and strong taste make it a great and appropriate choice for Halloween festivities!" Can't argue with that logic!


Trick or treat (or indie film and beer)! Remember, it's never too late to start supporting your local breweries as well as some amazing (feature length AND short) indie films on VOD! Happy Halloween and everything in between! Cheers!




Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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