Artist Uses Own Blood to Power Sound

Over here at Indie Street, we know art can get a little weird sometimes. And we love a good innovative weirdo! Discovering media artist ::vtol:: and his latest work is right up there with some of the most bizarre things we’ve seen lately. In “Until I Die”, ::vtol:: uses over 4 liters of his own blood to generate electricity in order to create electronic sounds. The blood was collected over the course of 8 months and put into a very unique type of battery. Electrolyte liquid and metals are used as power sources for an electronic synth module. From here, sound compositions are played from a speaker. Definitely a wonder to hear and behold, giving the act of donating blood a whole new meaning. A feast for a vampire or a performance art and sound piece worth checking out below!


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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