Is it an animated tutorial? A quick guide to creativity? Or a piece of art in itself? Whatever it is, it’s inspiring and looks pretty swell! And how fitting its title is!: “The Ultimate Guide to Inspiration”. If you’re feeling creatively uninspired and blocked or just a bit down and in need of a visual lift, BLND’s super short slick reminder regarding fear and inspiration is a must watch. A few days ago, we shared Simon Cade of DSLRguide’s video "Why Artists Are Never Happy”. We think this is the perfect companion piece if you’re a creative that has hit your emotional or artistic wall. Oh, and the animation style is absolutely stellar and not to be missed. Even if you’re not suffering from a creative lag, you’ll find something to visually love. As the video states, you gotta walk into the world, ready to be inspired. Take the first step and watch BLND’s inspirational-inspiration video now! This is one animation Indie Street is totally loving! 


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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