Animated Beer Labels in Motion Bring Beer to Life

Ah, the craft beer boom. Such a wonderful thing. The amount of ingenuity going into the brewing process is one thing, but the creativity being seen on beer packaging and marketing materials these days is taking the industry to a whole new level. Now, I bet you didn't know that when art and beer collide, sometimes things can get...well, a little animated and practically come to life! Imagine enjoying your favorite beers - but in motion! That's what one craft beer lover has been working on for the past couple of years. Trevor Carmick, the creator behind Beer Labels in Motion, has embedded a rather unique flavor of imagination into the drinking experience by animating the very images and words on the labels of his favorite beers. Believe us, it makes for one magical, complementary experience. 


Impressed, we asked Trevor the story behind his creations: 

"I started my animations in 2013. They began as a way to test various filters within Adobe After Effects and play around with various techniques I had seen in online tutorials. I had always loved the way cinemagraphs looked and I’d always wanted to create some myself. The only problem is I didn’t have a tripod or camera to lug around and capture anything. One day I was looking at a beer bottle and thought, “I could animate the picture on the label and that could be almost like a cinemagraph.” I created a couple of them after hours at work (I’m a video editor) because the computer there was much faster than my home computer. My co-worker, Tyler Haywood, saw them and after my 3rd, he finally convinced me to start a blog and post them. I honestly didn’t think they’d gather too much attention outside of people who liked craft beer. I was wrong! A couple months later, TIME listed me in their Top 25 Bloggers of 2013. I still don’t consider myself a blogger!" 


Definitely a well deserved praise. Beer Labels in Motion is a hypnotic and innovative outlet that all can enjoy, whether as a beer-lover or a non-drinker. Thirsty for more info? Be sure to check out Trevor's crafty animations via his website or on social media:





Below are some of the artist's favorite animations as well as a pick of our own. Enjoy! 


#1) Heady Topper Double IPA by The Alchemist:




#2) Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale by Flying Dog Brewery:





#3) Route of All Evil Black Ale by Two Roads Brewery:





#4) 60 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head:





#5) Edmund Fitzgerald by Great Lakes Brewing Co.:





#6) Ginga Ninja IPA by Black Hog Brewery:



Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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