3D Optical Illusions Created from 2D Sketches

Cambodian-born self-taught illustrator Visoth Kakvei and his extremely detailed, ornamental style are the things of Instagram dreams. His swirling, intricate designs literally jump off the page, creating 3D optical illusions worthy of all the acclaim and followers he is receiving. His secret to success? He tells Creators: “Every work I do, I have to make sure my heart and my hand reach an agreement. It means, I love what I'm going to do, and the hand is pleased to do it as well. This won't get you stressed out. And the patience occurs when you love what you're doing.” There you have it, folks, love and patience are the key combo in creating a magical 3D world out of 2D drawings! Check out more of Visoth Kakvei's mind-boggling sketched work over on Creators!

Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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