30 Seconds of Sound: 7 Animators, 7 Videos, 1 Song

What happens when you give the same musical composition to 7 different animators and ask them to make a video to go along with it? Well, in “30 Seconds of Sound”, a case study that documents the different manners in which, we as humans, think about and interpret music, we learn exactly what can happen. Composer Simon Pyke put 7 animators to the test and asked them to create visuals around a short piece of music that is an "engaging piece with a feeling of narrative for people to respond to." Each of the animators' responses are just 30 seconds in length and couldn’t be more different from one another! It’s now the fourth edition of “30 Seconds of Sound” and the results of the ongoing case study are a fascinating look into a variety of talent. From Peter Clark to Francisco Fabrega, there is an animation style for everyone. You can watch the 7 newest animations below or head here to watch the earlier editions. You can also read here for more information about the project and the artists, via The Creators Project.










Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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